Sunday, 24 February 2008

A typical day of madness and wool

Babylonglegs tagged me in her blog and ask to share what I do in a typical day.

Every day is chaos at the Flowerpot house! I wake around 6.45am to the sounds of my DS2 kicking his cot to bits. I swear one day I'll go in and find him sat in a pile of firewood! I get DS1 and DD up, change DS2's nappy and convince them all to go downstairs for breakfast. I make breakfast for everyone, which is not an easy task when everyone wants a different cereal and a different drink AND they change their minds at least 3 times.

At around 7.45am Mr Flowerpot gets up, drinks a cup of coffee and then at 8am we all get washed and dressed. 8.40am and DS1's childminder picks him up to take him to school, 8.45am and my PA arrives to take DD to nursery. My PA returns and we spend the morning playing with DS2, doing chores, I check messages on my computer and perhaps doing a little knitting.

11.45am and my PA fetches DD home from nursery and DD plays on the computer until dinner is ready. I make dinner and DH comes down from his office to eat. (DH works from home in the corner of our bedroom AKA the office.)

After lunch is quiet time, DS2 goes down for a nap, DD will watch a DVD or play jigsaws and I can get some spinning, sewing or dyeing done.

3.30pm and the chaos starts. DS2 gets up from his nap, DS1 comes home from school and kids and cats all pester me demanding snacks. Much screaming ensues and I try and keep the peace until 5.30pm when we have tea. We watch tv before bed then at 7pm it's bathtime.

By 8pm the kids are all clean and tucked up in bed and I sink into a hot bath or bottle of wine. I spend the evening talking to DH, knitting or crocheting, wasting time on the internet and planning world domination with handcrafts. By about 11pm I am exhausted and I fall into bed.


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