Saturday, 22 January 2011

Odd Socks

Ever since I picked up Stray Sock Sewing in the local library I've been addicted to making sock creatures. It's rather theraputic making them. They don't take long to sew so it's pretty much instant gratification as far as crafting goes and it's interesting to see how each creatures character develops as I stuff, shape and sew. Here's a couple of my latest critters, a cute kitty and a rather sad looking puppy (taken with my snazzy new camera!) Are they cute or what?

Friday, 7 January 2011

Say cheese!

A couple of friends have unwittingly inspired me to take up an old hobby again. I have always loved photography but I never really had the time or money to take it any more seriously than grabbing a few snap shots on holiday. Whilst i was recovering from my hysterectomy I made the mistake of looking up digital SLRs. Big mistake! I set my heart on a Canon EOS 500D but unfortunately there was no way I could meet the £500 price tag. So just after Christmas I was browsing on eBay (as you do...) looking at second hand cameras when I found a Canon EOS 450D at a bargain price. Hardly used, complete with image stabilising lens, I had to have it! Trev and my parents said they would chip in for my birthday next month so I bought it! Yay! I ordered a funky camera bag and Trev has bought me a book so I can learn how to use it properly. I can't wait until the weather gets better and I can take it out into the countryside, well at least as far as my scooter will get me!

Say cheese!