Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I've written a novel!

I'm  not quite sure how it happened but I've written a novel.  I know it sounds daft to have written a whole book by accident but that is how it happened.  When my husband went away for a long weekend RC car racing in January I had an idea for a story so I started writing, and writing, and I didn't stop until I'd got about 93 thousand words!

The story is quite involved but it's basically about a 15 year old girl called Angela who meets a very rich and handsome boy, Simon, at school.  They play truant together after discovering a shared love for the band Joy Division.  Their relationship grows and they follow a Joy Division tribute band called Unknown Pleasures.  Angel, as Simon calls her falls desperately in love but their relationship is more than a little rocky as they have to deal with some very challenging obstacles.  The story deals with young love, the alternative music scene, sex, drugs, grief and suicide.

I'm in the process of editting the book with a view to publishing it for Kindle.  In the meantime I've put the first 2 chapters up on a blog if you want to have a peek.  

Heaven Knows This Time

I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to know what you think.  Constructive criticism is always appreciated :)


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